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Just a couple of my SEMA deals

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So every year I love going to SEMA with my dad.
It’s a good time covering a few of my favorite things to do...
Look at cars, check out Parts, not be at work, drink beer, and of course bargain hunting.

So this year I bought much less than I have in past years but still got some great deals.
5 ton long frame jack for $100
Low profile jack for $30

SEMA keeps making it harder to get things out of the show, but it can still be done



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29 minutes ago, Ridge Runner said:

When ever i find somthing on someone front porch ,i get in trouble when i pick it up 

You are looking on the wrong porch......

at the end of the show the guys at the ideal hose clamp booth kept handing me boxes of hose clamps so they wouldn’t have to pack them up and ship them home


at the end of the show the gal on the mic in the WD40 booth said “guys, come get your free samples” and there was a sudden “Black Friday opening mob rush” that happened. I’m betting they won’t do that again next year as there were almost people trampled.

most of the time the free at the end of the show happens quieter than that.

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