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1969 Shelby GT350H Build

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Regarding your speedometer cable being close to your exhaust, I used a spark plug thermal sleeve on mine to keep it from melting the cover. Works like a charm for me.IMG_20180610_225359.thumb.jpg.15a6ae546d74f4114cea92075ceeed27.jpg

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Got all the liquids in and wanted to prime the fuel pump and fill the carb. 6 gallons of REC 90 in the tank but after several attempts, no fuel was flowing. Several checks reveal that the fuel hard fuel line is plugged someplace and there is no damage to the line. I ordered a new SS 3/8 line and just got it installed. 



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It wants to start, but not quite. 


The starter is not always engaging, going to have to replace it. Got it running, forgot to start the camera to catch it but it fired right up and ran.


It smoked white smoke out the exhaust for a bit, but eventually quit.


It got a little rough, looked down and saw a wire came off the cap. Shut it down and it did not want to spin fast enough to start again. Change the battery and had the same issue. Guessing my pre 1990 started has had it.



Sorry, the date on the camera is a little off.

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Here are all 4 videos combined and on a page with a streaming (embedded) player. http://redshost.com/gt350/video/startup/

Permanent Magnet High Torque mini starter arrived today. It's small and light. Before I installed it, I wanted to get the heat shield in place. I picked up a 12 x 24 sheet of 22ga sheet metal from Home Depot. I transferred my template to it and cut it out with my cutoff tool. Bent it, curved it, beat a curved edge into it, and did a few test fits. Turns out I need to trim a few areas where the bolts go through as the shield is hitting the block and trans cooler lines.





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Mods on the shield made and painted with high temp sating black ceramic engine paint. Got it bolted in place and it looks pretty good. Its not touching anything other than the 2 mounting bolt holes/bolts. Hooked the starter wires up and w/o the ignition turned on it cranked the engine right over. Hooked up the coil and it fired right up. Ran it for another 25 min to finish the cam break-in. I did stall it at one point when I had slowed it down to check the idle timing, and it did fire right back up. No slow spin at all.




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