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The mustang dash is only 1 1/2 inches narrower than the 56 ,a 3/4inch spacer on each side and the mustang dash will easily fit .i will cut the mounting bar out of the mustang and the dash and brake pedal will bolt in ,just have to make a trim panel to fit up to the windshield .when i am finished the 56 will have power windows ,air bags ,anti lock brakes,and the full mustang interiormotor and transmission ,and i just found out the 2007 gt has a 5 speed automatic 

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I know you have the skills and equipment to blend the parts together.  With that said, I think the Mustang interior and dash will not look right in a 1956 Fairlane, or any car or truck of that period.  I bigger challenge will be to get the motor and trans from the 2007 GT to fit and  work seamlessly with the 1956 instrument panel.

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