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granada rotors (drilled & slotted)

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Hi, would like to upgrade my front 1978 Granada disk rotors to a drilled & slotted pair.  Don't know which to choose from......the are soooo many (Hart, V1Specs, StopTech, ChromeBrakes, C brakes ecc ecc ecc).

Does anyone here have a pair on their 69/70 Mustang?  what would you recommend?

Thanks for all your input and thoughts!


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lots of thoughts on this, but will remain concise. i would pass on any drilled/slotted rotors from a performance perspective. Drilled are more prone to cracking...unless they are done right (read really expensive). I am also not sure how much slotted rotors will help since the advances in brake pad materials and associated outgassing. I track my '12 Boss 302 and run solid rotors with no issues. Now if you want it for the looks, then go right ahead...

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