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Is signed by Rob Schneider a selling point?

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On 8/27/2017 at 1:42 PM, Rsanter said:

i don't think I would really add value for the signature but I don't think it hurts value either

I thought the same thing. Then I imagined what it would be like owning the car and I thought it might become a negative. Like, EVERY time you took the car out, you'd get the following;

"Hey, who signed your dash?"

"Rob Schneider"

"Who? Never heard of him. Some big Oldsmobile guy?"

"Nah, he was the 'making copies' guy on Saturday Night Live for a while"

Oh. So why did he sign your 1964 Oldsmobile?"

"it was in a movie he was in"

"What movie?"

"American Virgin"

"Never heard of it."

"Yeah, nobody has, except me. And I have to explain it EVERY time I take this car out..."

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