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NPD's Silver Springs Ford & Mustang Roundup (Fla)

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As it states on the shows WEB page, this will the last year for this show. I have registered and hope to have the car together in time to put it in this show and take it for a drive on the Pony Run the Friday before the show.



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Well, my car is still waiting to get into the paint shop, so it will not be going. I will be taking my newly acquired 2004 Excursion as a shakedown drive before I use it to tow my car/trailer. Anyone that will be driving north to the NPD Silver Springs show, I will be leaving sometime Thursday. I say sometime as I have not decided if I am going to stop at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee or not. Either way, I will be getting to my hotel, Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Ocala, FL for a good nights rest so I can be at NPD early for another viewing of the car collection and the start of the Pony Run.

I will be meeting up with a group from the VMF Forum going to the Pony Run and Silver Springs show. I am volunteering to be a support/passenger vehicle for the event. If you are headed north like me and want to meet up for the trip up and/or other events, please PM me so we can exchange contact info. 

Below is my route if anyone is interested. Fla Turnpike to I-75.


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I'm slowly uploading my 360○ photos to my FaceBook page. It's a slow process as I have to load each one, no batch options for these. So feel free to start looking but know that until I post saying I am done, more will be added.

Photos from my Samsung Gear 360 camera @ NPD Pony Trails Cruise & Silver Springs  <-- Click the link!

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