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44th Annual Daytona Turkey Run (Fla)

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Click the picture to go to my photo gallery of the 44th Daytona Turkey Run. It's mostly Mustang's with a few odds and ends thrown in.


I will be attempting to add the 360 panoramic photos to the gallery and will post my results as a success or failure.

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I took several 360 degree photos and am uploading them to Youtube. These are the photos that you can look at on your phone and move it around to see everything around you, or with phone/computer use your finger/mouse to push the screen around.

I've put a few others up on my page. Hopefully you will be able to see them after you follow this link.

This one is from Friday evening and Sunday morning after the rain. There are 5 photos that display for 30 seconds each. Use the "Pause" feature if you need more time.


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