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Window Trim and Glass Removal.

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I spent a lot of time researching "how to" information on removal of the stainless trim and glass on my 69 stang. They don't make that trim like they used to and used OEM stuff is expensive, thus I wanted to salvage it all. While everything went well, for the most part, I wished now I had known what I know now before I started. Could have saved me a ton of time and a few dollars.

Trim removal with the right tools is really quite beneficial. Here's what I used or at least started with:


The paint stick has a wedge I cut into it to help slide under the stainless to raise it a bit for access to the retaining clips and to prevent damage to the trim. The flash light helped, on occasion, to better see the retaining clips though it really isn't needed as one can utilize the bottom two tools to feel out the location of the individual clips. The important tools are the bottom tools which I researched off the web. The very bottom tool was highly rated and there is even a YouTube video of a gentleman removing the front window trim on his 60's model Mustang. I started with this tool and chipped my windshield trying to use it. Frankly, by far, the better tool is the Lisle tool above it. It made quick and easy work of the removal of those retaining clips. Highly advise one go with the Lisle tool. 

The rear trim removal was not near as easy as the front, this because of the underlying gasket and sealant, with the latter being the biggest issue. Not only do the clips retain the trim but the sealant acts like a glue and thus has retention qualities as well. With that hardened gasket, I really struggled to get my tool under the trim and locate the individual clips. Knowing where they are helps:


I started from the bottom and worked my way around to the top. To better access the clips with my tool, I sprayed WD-40 under the trim which facilitated the ease of getting the tool in between the gasket and the trim. It worked for that purpose but better than that and unbeknownst to me at the time, the WD-40 acted as a solvent to soften the sealant reducing it's adhesive qualities. I spent a good hour getting nowhere until I used that WD-40. Below is a picture of the softened sealant and my tool of choice for lifting the trim. You can see some of the residual sealant adhering to the trim. 



Removal of the glass was not bad. I removed the rear first. With the stainless trim off, one can see the gasket, which is really what wraps and holds the glass. That and the sealant. I simply took a Razor knife to the upper lip of the gasket and cut it out. From there, one merely needs to push the back glass out from the inside. That took fifteen minutes with the help of my son gently pushing from the inside.  

The windshield was not the big nightmare I was expecting. Because the WD-40 worked out so well on the rear glass, I sprayed the perimeter of the glass with it the night before. The same stuff that seals the rear window seals the front. The next day, I fabricated the following tool from some Acetal rod and some .080 timmer line. IMG_1069.thumb.JPG.3d5c4b7003be82120368f565f3db57aa.JPG  

Before I secured the line to the inside pull handle, I pushed the end under the glass through the softened adhesive and to the inside of the car. With me working on the outside and my son working on the inside, we pulled together along the perimeter of the glass, more or less, cutting the adhesive. We went around the perimeter twice. After that, my son positioned himself on one side of the car and me on the other, pushing in unison from the inside at the top of the glass, slowly pushing it outward. The glass came out without issue or incident. The removal of that windshield didn't take but thirty minutes. 



I've taken so much from this forum and out of gratitude, I hope some might find this useful. Thanks!!! 

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