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Factory Clutch Cable Hole in Firewall

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Hi Everyone,

Well the school of hard knocks came by to visit me today.  We took the FE 390 out of the 69 Sportsroof to install the long tube headers.  I have the T-5 tranny and Modern Driveline clutch cable set up.  We went to put the clutch and bell housing back on and the headers and bottom left corner of bell housing overlap about 3/4".  

I talked with MDL and they said the clutch cable will not work with a big block and long tube headers.  I would have thought the engine builder who ordered them or the Header shop would have said something.  According to MDL my option is to use a internal slave cylinder kit.  Just  $600.00 more .

The car was an automatic.  Now that I have to use the internal slave cylinder kit.  I need to locate and drill out the factory clutch cable hole for the linkage.  I have read something about a dimple on the firewall for automatic cars is the correct location .  Does anyone have a pic of the dimple, or factory hole.

Today was a painful and expensive day at school.  Thanks Mark


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Mine didn't have any type "punch out" that was simply left in place because it was an auto trans car.

I started lining up (by eye) the rod from the clutch pedal to the Z-bar and noticed a small dimple in the firewall in that region.  This was back before the internet so my only source of information were service manuals which have nothing regarding this.  So, I took a chance and using a hole saw, cut the hole to fit the boot centered at the dimple.  The rod isn't perfectly centered n the opening but everything fits and works fine.  Maybe I was lucky, I don't know.

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