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Under the dash work on my 69 Mach1

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Hello Rays69Mch1,

First - thanks so much for a great video.

I am contemplating rebuilding the gauge cluster on our 70 Mach.

Been having issues for a long time - -my problem is I am nervous that I will replace

everything and then have a problem. I think I will change the cir cboard, voltage regulator,

gauges and likely the sender units.

Not sure if you would mind telling us what "brands" you used. I want to only do this once.

Thanks for a great info and tips especially the electrical tape





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Hi Sam,

    Glad you found my video useful.  I understand why you don't want to do this more then once because I just turned 70. Can't believe I'm still doing this shit after all these years.  Everything in my dash is still working well and I hope it stays that way.  I will need to go though some paperwork to see where the parts came from.  Mine still has the original gauges except for the amps. I wasn't aware that there are new gauges available. Will get back to you after I find my invoices.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Take care,  Ray

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Thanks for the insight on the speedo cable. I'll have to check the end of mine and make sure the new NPD one matches the original. Otherwise, a Dremel tool should bring things back to spec. Great idea about the electrical tape. I know the posts have to be carefully centered, but even so, putting some tape around the edges is some good insurance. Thanks for the video showing these items. Also for the view of the dash in place with the pad off. Not sure why, but I am dreading putting my lower dash back in the car for fear that I have forgotten where all the bolts and brackets are and where they go. 

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