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'70 Mustang Kick Panel Speakers

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Thought I would post one of my side-projects for my 1970 Convertible.  I want to put speakers in the front kick panels.  The pictures below show my steps.  My rationale was that I have a Convertible and it is an A/C car, and the 1970s have the flow through ventilation grills in the door sill.  So.....I will have plenty of fresh air, but need some tunes.    I will be running a Boss power amp, rear speakers and subwoofers off of my Boss DIN 1 flatscreen head unit.  I installed Kicker 5-1/4", 40CS54 Speakers.   The "CS" series are low profile, and fit nicely.


  • First step was to get an extra set of kick panels.....just in case I want to return to original.
  • Next, was to get some MDF from Lowes, and make a template the same shape as the vent box, and also, the hole for the speakers.
  • Cut the MDF shape and speaker hole, and painted it black
  • Cut the cable going to the vent door, and secured the door with a sheet metal screw
  • Sprayed undercoating on the outside of the vent door, and the area where it seals to the air box
  • Added dynamat on the inside and outside of the vent box
  • Put the BoomMat speaker baffles inside the vent box. 
  • Routed the speaker wires through the BoomMat and through a hole in the airbox, sealed with RTV
  • Mounted the speakers to the MDF, and the MDF to the airbox
  • Took new kickpanels and used an X-Acto knife to carefully trim the vent louvers out of the kickpanel
  • Looked forever on EBay and Amazon to find speaker grills that I liked and were the right diameter, and could be mounted.  They have an inside "ring" that gets screwed to the MDF, and the grill is press fit on that ring
  • Pictures below.  Not sure how it will sound, but will be fun to find out!
  • post-45109-0-83641300-1484707159.jpgpost-45109-0-12141100-1484707172.jpgpost-45109-0-48258500-1484707190.jpgpost-45109-0-38723300-1484707205.jpgpost-45109-0-35923400-1484707221.jpgpost-45109-0-61080500-1484707233.jpgpost-45109-0-49455600-1484707257.jpgpost-45109-0-94419700-1484707271.jpgpost-45109-0-14071700-1484707291.jpgpost-45109-0-28446500-1484707333.jpg

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