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RandyatBBY's 1970 Sportsroof

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From a few post ago, pictures of the Mustang Steve Rear Brakes on my 9" rear.....

I cut my mounting plates so I could move them around after I installed them.  In the end, I had to rotate the calipers off of horizontal to avoid interferences with my panhard bar hardware.





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On 1/2/2022 at 11:26 AM, RandyatBBY said:

Looks like you sent them out for croming . 


Welp, I wish. I had them zinc coated as my brother in Fresno has done it several times with great results. I had mine done locally, and they peeled the zinc when hot. After doing some research, it turns out zinc plating can done two completely different ways, with different results. Who knew?

Nice work mate. 

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11 hours ago, Cantedvalve said:

Thinking out loud here... why not mount the shaker to the hood?  It's all for show at this point, it would be fairly simple to do, and it would look more "supposed to be there" than the current option.

If you mount the shaker to the hood, it won't shake :)

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