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69stang.com Tshirts and Mugs? Would you buy one

Which color and design do you like?  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. What color and design do you like?

    • White shirt, front logo only with cars on the back.
    • White shirt front logo with cars.
    • Black shirt, front logo only with cars on the back.
    • Black shirt front logo with cars.
    • None of the above

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It's been many years since we have had a 69stang.com t-shirt made. I could recycle the old artwork and basically do another run of the originals but we would need enough orders to make it work. I also like the idea of having a 69stang.com mug. Let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in.


If we can get roughly 75 of both pre-ordered that would that would be enough to place an order. T-shirts would be $25 and Mugs $15. These are rough estimates and would be cheaper with multiple orders.


The t-shirt would be white and could look like this



Or like our original tshirt



The mug would look similar to this on white, however we may do a black mug instead depending on what you guy's think.


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Maybe a gray T instead of white unless its a cost issue.


Not a bad idea but for this run lets stick to black or white and go from there.  We can also discuss whether we want 100% cotton, 50/50, or a triblend.  From a rugged stand point and the small amount of research i've done the hanes beefy T which is 100% cotton seems to be the best choice.

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Prefer white, 100% cotton. I know black doesn't show grease/dirt, but who would wear either while working in their car. White is much cooler in the summer heat and would proudly wear it at while at the car shows

The 50/50 blend or triblend shirts are supposed to be good for not trapping heat also. It's something to consider

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I like the logo on front cars on back in both colors. White for the car show and black when the heat index isn't in the triple digits!

Good thinking. But you spelled bocephus wrong. Hank would not be pleased

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