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Several clutch questions

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Hello All,

Well the old girl (70 Mach 351C - 3 speed) is likely 

telling me she will need a clutch pretty soon.

Recently the lower clutch return spring broke and the

rod fell off the throw out fork. It stayed on the Z-bar

but when I replaced the spring I noticed the adjustment

rod was pretty much all the way out. This is telling me - time

for a clutch set up pretty soon (plate, TO bearing, disc etc.


PLease bear with me - I am getting OLD


So not certain but I think the clutch set-up is the original Ford


I was hoping to buy the parts before I tear it down.


I don't know much about the current set-up but I think it is an 11"

for a Mach with a 351C. Not sure if it is a 3 finger or the cone type PPlate


So now for a bunch of questions


1. - Does anyone know what this car had originally? 

2. - I plan to replace the TO bearing, Z-bar bushings. disk, PPlate

In day long ago - I would look at the Flywheel and determine if it should be machined.

A few people have suggested I replace the flywheel while I am in there. I think the teeth are

good have never had a cranking issue. I was wondering what are your thoughts


3. - I kinda like the 3 finger style PPLate but I like how the clutch feels now and would like

to keep things close to what I have. I am looking for ideas and suggestions. Keep in ming

this is just a driver we have owned almost 40 years  - so no heavy racing


4. - When I would do clutches the big name was Shaefer - -now I don't know any of the names

and was wondering if someone could advise


5. - I of course was wondering if someone knew a place I could save some $$.

I have looked at CJ and MM - I also checked Rock Auto but I don't know the names

I would like what is in there - not for originality but because it has lasted all these years


So to wrap this NOBVEL up - -I am looking for thoughts advice and ideas - - 


I would like to tackle this after the season so I have some time


Any advice is greatly appreciated


Thanks - -Sam 



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First look into the bushings for the Z bar and the ends of the linkage.

Just because the lower adjustment arm is all the way out doesn't mean the clutch is going out.

Does it slip, chatter on take off or show any signs of vibrations?

As for the size its best to remove and check what is there, my guess is it's an 11in but it could be 10in for the 3speed.

A inspection will show if the flywheel is in need of replacement of maybe just a resurface.

These parts are common and most are on the shelf at napa.

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Hello Mach1 Rider,

As always thanks for the reply.

Yes I have new bushings and springs for the Z-bar.


The clutch doesn't seem to chatter or slip but sometimes after sitting

long periods when I first step on the clutch I hear what sounds like a grind

I assume from the throwout bearing.


I honestly don't think it is the disc - I an punch it going about 15 in first and still

chirp the tires pretty easy. It never seems to slip in any gear.

I may be jumping the gun - I am hoping to get to the winter and then perhaps

tear it down. 


I see a lot of places like nappa that have clutch parts but I don't know the

brands anymore. I just want a pretty stock clutch


Again I thank you for the help - - In the old days I would 

after inspection - -hold a brick to the flywheel as the motor ran if there

was no blueing or cracks - -just a goofy OLD way of resurfacing  LOL

I would of course now take it to a shop if it needs resurfacing


Thanks again


Print Dad - Sam

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If you are happy with the stock clutch, Luk or Valeo were the OEM manufacture of most Ford clutches. I am using the Luk clutch and very happy with it behind my 351W. You should have an 11" disc with the 164 tooth flywheel. The flywheel should be re-surfaced when doing a clutch replacement.

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I am using an 11" Borg Warner Clutch for a 390 behind my 351W and 4sp toploader trans.  I don't know if that also fits the 3 sp trans.  I'd stay with the 3 finger type pressure plate (long) for some reason I have heard them also called.  I've been warned the a diaphragm pressure plate doesn't work as well with the stock clutch linkage geometry. 


Summit Racing also has OEM replacement clutches.  They usually have the lowest prices.

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Years ago I had a 3 speed manual car, and did the swap to a toploader 4 speed. It was very straight forward, and made the car much more fun to drive. Not sure that originality is of huge value when it comes to base transmissions, but if I owned your car, I would take this opportunity to upgrade to a 4 speed. Most parts will interchange.

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