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1969 Coyote Resto-mod

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1 hour ago, RPM said:

Congrats! It's nice to see a shop built project without horror stories. From the pics GT Graphics and Customs did a fine job, how did you find them, are they local to you?

Thanks!  We couldn't be more happy with them and we have Mustangs to Fear to thank for referring them to us.  We bought a ton of MTF parts and were looking to get the work done by them originally.. They were full and recommended GT Graphics and Customs.. They aren't local, they are actually 11 hrs from home!

1 hour ago, MAC390 said:

Well done. Great car.

Thank you!  We are ready to bring it to a few more shows then drive the heck out of it.

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8 minutes ago, stangnet33 said:

Damn that looks nice ! Congrats to all those involved in the build. Thx for sharing the journey. 

Thank you and thanks for following!

6 minutes ago, stangnet33 said:

Whats the red dot on the right head light ? 

It's for a secret society.... ha.. just kidding.. it was for the cars that they selected to be indoors 

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8 hours ago, Caseyrhe said:

First of many to come, well deserved for one killer Stang. Congrats to you and the guys that all had a hand in the build.

Whats next?

Thanks! It's been really fun..

Next show we will be hitting is the Goodguys Columbus OH in early July. 

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