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I had my 302 rebuilt stock.  Original heads, cylinders bored .030 w/ a mild cam.  I had the engine run-in on a stand, and I have run it for maybe up to 10mins at a time numerous times (dozens).  I drove the car to and from the paint shop (<10mi) with no issues but that is all.


I recently pulled the valve covers to polish them, and found it "shockingly clean".  My covers didn't have any oil splashed up on them even tho I have driven the car twice:






I believe my oil pressure gauge is "good" (well as good as these gauges are - when I power on I get a normal range reading on the gauge - it is a gauge and not a light.


It this "as expected"?  Seems to me that oil oughta be flying around inside the valve covers a little more.  


Would like your advice on this.  Thoughts?




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Great news.  Thanks guys.  Just trying to be very careful with this new engine in the early days after rebuild, and it really surprised me when I looked in here.  I appreciate the feedback a lot.


Engine compartment is looking up though:




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ok, i hope you installed screw in rocker studs or pinned the press in rockers so the studs dont pull up in the heads.


also, i would set the timing curve to maximize performance if you have not done that yet.


i would also set the gas level in the carb and post a photo of both front spark plugs.


i would also disconnect the distributor vacuum advance hose and plug it.

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