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I have converted a single exhaust system (302) to a dual 2.25in diameter.  I bought a re-pop rear valence and am now looking to put the final decor on the tips.  I think I would prefer a bolt on solution, but I could be convinced to go weld-on, however I am going to have to pay someone to put them on for me and that will drive up the cost.


I'd prefer to pay something in the $20-$50 per tip range, and I'd prefer stainless steel, but will consider chrome if I can be convinced it won't just rust out over the first year.  I also like the rolled tip/dual walled options. I'd like a slash tip, but could be convinced otherwise.  Here is some stuff I am considering:


Nice option, but pricey and only weld on:



A cylindrical bolt on (kinda pricey):



I like this Mach 1 style, but I think these are too big (wide) to fit well in the stock cut-out on the rear valence.



This one is cheap, and just might fit.  It's in the mach 1 style.



Then there is a nice oval one, that might fill the cutout nicely, but doesn't reflect any heritage look


Many of the above are from 1 vendor on e-bay  If you've used or have any experience with them, I would appreciate hearing about it - good or bad.
Thanks for your thoughts...

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I've got a pair of Pypes SS tips that came with the Pypes exhaust system for my 06. I didn't use them cause I didn't like the large size and bought some smaller tips instead. Am about to put them on craigslist for $40. They're 4" tips to fit 2.5" pipe and have a slight slash to them though hard to tell in the pic. I don't think mine have the slots on the pipe end, have to look tonight when I get home. My replacements were bolt on and I slotted them to fit on my pipes.


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