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New Restomod build of family Coupe

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New here and started on a rebuild of 69 coupeicon1.png inherited from my sister.

Bought in 1970 in LA and has been in family for 46 yrs. I have already started and am looking for recomendations on brakes, shifter and AC....this is where I'm at.
1969 Coupe, 302 2V , original maybe 105,000 miles,
C4 Auto, Power Steering NO AC
2.79 rear
Exterior body (Candy Red) is in very good shape because it has spent last 15 yrs garage and it statred as a CA )San Jose) car before moving to NY for 15+ yrs.
Rust is limited to drivers floor pantorque box, toe kick and partial frame rail. Passenger side toe kick. Door rust bubbles only at bottom outside edge at drain holes. rear frame spring perches a little.
It appears the right rear quarter was replaced in 80's after side rear hit front left fender maybe at factory or by dealer. Body is otherwise solid.
Here's what I have started and bought so far to make this a street rod and comfortable driver to be left to my nephew (sisters son) some day.
Edelbrock Top End Performance RPM kit # 2091 (Alum Heads,Intake,Cam, lifters
Thunder AVS 650 cfm elec choke
Edelbrock 1.6 Roller lifters (my sister loved red....they look like jewelry)
Edelbrock Water Pump
Edelbrock Fuel Pump
Orig short block now bored .30 over and stroke to 331, compression goal 9.5 - 10 
Lentech AOD trany with OD Electric lockout
Shaker Scoop Air assembly intake (Functional for cold air)
Global West Coilover front suspension with Viking 2 way adj shocks
Global West 1" front sway bar
Viking 2 way adj rear shocks (similar to QA shocks)
New rear leaf springs
Tru trac Yukon rear with 3.55 Richmond gears (kept 8" rear)
Borgeson Power steering box & Pump
Body is at shop getting front floors cut out and replaced along with Global West frame connectors being installed.
Car will be painted 2 tone, Bottom have a metalic candy red, top a contrasting Silver (?).....looking to enhance the roof line sloop.
Shelby Trunk lid and rocker end extentions for lip (may cut down 1") and Shelby side scoops.
Engine goes on dino next week, body goes for soda blasting
Interior should start in April.

Need help of Brakes....Disc front & back ?  Wilwood ? other ?
Should I change the original booster and master cylinder ?

B&M Shifters: Quick Silver or Megar models...need Button for OD cutout.

Plan is to modify from dash for a doubly din AV/Nav/rear cam radio where the factory original AC vent would normally go.
Also changing interior color from Black to a Sand or Beige or Gray color.

Please let me know your experiences with the brakesicon1.png, shifters and interiors.



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Need help of Brakes....Disc front & back ?  Wilwood ? other ?

Should I change the original booster and master cylinder ?


I run 03-04 front/rear cobra brakes on my coupe, I use the original booster and master cylinder, no issues. you may need to upgrade the proportioning valve to an adjustable one.


there are others who will chime in they currently use wilwood, baer brakes etc... so maybe they can give you feed back, also check out Street or track too.


B&M Shifters: Quick Silver or Megar models...need Button for OD cutout.


I would do an AOD conversion or 5 speed conversion. you can build the c4 but you'll prolly be happier going AOD or 5speed to make it freeway worthy. I have a built c4 from Performance automatic its fun, but i really want to go the 5 speed route. 



also, post up pics of your car! 

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As I mentioned above I'm installing a Lentech AOD.....just git the B&M Quicksilver.....still need to pick brakes & interior.

I want to go with the most up to date brake design vs late 60's thru 70's.

Having a little trouble loading pics....I have them on multiple devices.

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Here are some pic before the tear down.

The body in fact the whole car looked in very good shape......and then I pulled the interior and found significant rust thruout the drivers floor, toe kick, torque box and a portion of the frame rail. All because benieth the left fender was damage we thing from the factory or at the dealer in its first year the left an area for water to get into and under the top of fender down into the torque box. So both front floors, torque boxes and frame rail sections are being replaced.





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Well had the body soda blasted and found a few more problems to replace.

Both shock towers had fatigue stress cracks and rust. Both frame rails and rust holes just in front of the engine and there was a hole in the drivers side rear wheel well. So I'm replacing the both from engine bay sections as a whole unit towers, aprons and rails and a new radiator mount just to make the reassembly easier.


Engine build is done, was broken in and put on the dino. Specs in 1st post....302 now 331....Edelbrock Top End Kit  #2091




RPM   TQ      HP

2500  337    161

3500  376     250

4000  373     284

4600  385     336

5000  368     351

5600  349     400

6100  313     365    shut it down at 6100 because it's still new






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Next comes a few decisions:


Do I put in AC or not.....it's Florida so i guess it's to do.


Then is it  Vintage Air or  Classic Air ?  


Do I cut hole in dash and put in the double din Nav/Reciever/rear camera unit I want ?


Any thoughts out there ?

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