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Ok so here its is White lightning. Im so exited and overhwelmed on getting a list to gether and what should I get to first. So ive owned queit a few classics in the years, 68 dart, 68 falcon, 85 ferio, 78 mustang II, 74 mustang II, 96 F150. But never a muscle car so proud to own and never want to get rid of. So I found this car on facebook here at Fort Bliss, TX. All I knew was car wasnt running and needs to be towed. I knew this car was going to be mine. Told my wife this is the car for us and I go the eye roll and great another project car. Made the phone call and went to look at it the next day. Showed up and gave the car a good once over and was seeing some new parts, and the car was in good condition. Was very confusing on why it woulndt be running. So after talking with the guy he told me he took it out around the block a few times a month and one day it stop running in the drive way. So after looking it had to be somthing stupid. Like out of gas, clogged fuel filter, somthing. So did the deal of the hood 2500.00 out of my pocket and a hand shack over the hood. Towed it home the next day. I started going throw the car finding recipt and recipt for work getting amazed. New fuel tank, fuel lines, rear shocks, front shocks, new key iginition, new coil, plugs, wires, top end rebuild, alternator. WHATTTTT. So I put a new fuel filter, 5gal gas, and a shot of either and up and running. drove it to work the next day and bam its dies on me. battery wont charge. got a new voltage reg, pig tales, and put it all back together, easy fix. now its been sitting for the past month due to weather and a oil leak between the rear main to the trans. really need to get it on a lift and find out why. besides that its a strong car. Here are some pic of the car at the start and some thing that need to be addressed.




















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man i like the side scoups, and hood scoup. So Bone head move today. I went to messure for a power brake booster and low and behold theirs one already there. WAIT crap where is my flash light. Crap my stang already has two piston calipers with all proper parts and neat install. Well atleast the stang is full of supries. Wow even better deal. i hope ups hasnt shipped those disc brakes set yet.

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right now the plans are to make it a daily driver bring it to at least to a standard that i can drive it around show it off a little and not have anyone go wow you have a lot of work to do you know. Thats one of my biggest issue right now is making my list of what to do and list my wants and needs and start knocking them out. Im pretty sure my first thing on my list is to redue the entire wiring harness from painless and get the heater and AC back into working order.

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I know the feeling! My plan and priorities changed about a dozen times in the first 6 months. Good idea to change the harness. I got the AAW Classic update harness myself and several guys here have had a good experience with them.

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