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'69 parts for sale

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All parts + shipping from 49201

E-brake pedal assembly, $35
(2) Gas pedal assemblys, restored, excellent $50 each
Brake pedal assy, power, restored, excellent $100
Brake pedal assembly,manual, restored, excellent $75
Glue-in fastback door glass $100 each
Fastback Rear window $150
(2) 69 lower dash assemblys $50 each
(4) Quarter windows $30 each
Front bumper brackets, blasted, painted, excellent $40 pair
9†drum to drum rear w/3.25 trac lock (missing drums) $600
Speed Control Module $75
(2) 69 steering columns $40 each
(2) Wiper motors w/wiper arm assy $40 each
Rear tie down plates, blasted, painted, excellent $40 -SOLD
Brake Distribution block $50
C4 transmission mount, blasted, painted, excellent $40
FMX/C6 transmission mount blasted, painted, excellent $60 -SOLD
Front sway bar w/hardware, new aftermarket, $50
Rear sway bar w/hardware, new aftermarket $50
Hood hinge, passenger side, blasted, painted, excellent $40-SOLD
Rear bumper brackets, blasted, painted, excellent $30 pair
front window mouldings $100
(2) rear metal package trays (non folddown) $50 each
(2) hood latches, blasted painted, excellent $30 each
trunk latch $20

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