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Aquarius is on the way!

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Looks like they turned out great. Was the cost reasonable ? For your engine bay I thought you managed to get a quart of the Dizler DDL 9423 ?


I got the plating done for $20.00. I believe that the inside needs to be painted a shade of aluminum. As for the 9423 paint, I did get a can of it....even though my body guy wants to shoot something that is maintenance free. Then there are people that can't believe I was able to get a can of it. So I may sell it for what I have in it. I still have a few weeks to decide.

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KBS flat didn't work as advertised! It marked up very easily much like the original black out hood paint. Oh well.....on to the next flat option.

I used the kbs satin chassis coater for the undersides and it came out quite glossy. I did brush it on though. I haven't tried spraying it.

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