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1970 Convertible Restoration

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13 hours ago, Vicfreg said:

Nice weather in North Carolina today, so did some painting



Hi Vic,

I believe your base is fiberglass. You may want to consider using the same stud I used on my base. They have a large thin flat head so they will cover a large surface for the glue to adhere to and thin enough that they don't cause any interference inside the base. Also I used a press on retainer clip on the outside. Although I used the rect angular press on clip as you can see in the picture, I prefer the round one below as the don't scratch the paint like the rectangular ones do. I used two brackets from my manifold to the base... one straight back at the rear of the base and one about 90 degrees on the drivers side. It maybe over kill, but I was worried about the weight of the shaker stack with all the shaking it does resting just on the Sniper and held down by just the center stud through the lid. The brackets will provide more stability and take the stress off the sniper. The bolt and retainers are from Hillman and I bought them from Amazon or Lowes.

Question: Where did you buy your fiberglass base from? I like to contact them to see if I can buy just the metal offset ring.




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Hi Rich, yes I had already found those "elevator bolts" in Lowes and have epoxied them on.  I like the retainer idea though.  I also used these for the 1/4 -20 bolts that attach the mid plate to the base.  

Shaker assembly came from a guy who frequents the Ford Carlisle show every year.   FordRamAir.com

Got my front bracket done and fitted up, now making a rear bracket.


Front Shaker Bracket.jpg

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You all probably notice the stud sticking out of the side of the shaker base.  I have cut that off.  2 reasons.  First, I had to rotate my base around 2" clockwise.  This caused an offset with the bolts/studs that came with the base.   Second, I am using the "Canted" valve covers, and I can't easily attach a bracket to the top middle valve cover bolt to access that stud in the base.

No worries, the base is going to be re-painted.   Black, of course....


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