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1970 Convertible Restoration

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Still working off my pre-paint punchlist.   First item was to install the tack strips that go into the top storage well behind the back seat.   I verified that most of the holes were stripped of the threads.  So, back to my rivnut tool, and installed rivnuts where the holes were stripped.   Note how the 2 curved strips go underneath the longer, straighter tack strip. There is an offset in the mounting surface, and the strips are designed to overlap this way.  This also required some special 1/4" hardware which I had acquired at some point along the way.  You can use a 1/4 - 20 bolt if you don't these. The tapered ends on the factory style bolts make it a little easier to center the strip on the mounting hole.   

Second item was to install the trunk torsion bar.   My car only came with one, which is guess is the case for the '70 convertibles. The convertibles, and, I assume the coupes do not have the bolt on hinges like other mustangs, and do not have the integral coil spring.  So, you have to use this single torsion bar.   The factory shop manual and "Orange Book" drawings do not show this detail, so I took a few pictures for the record.    I used a short extension and 3/8" deep socket for my tensioning "tool" it worked fine.










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36 minutes ago, Mike65 said:

Vic, I do not know if it makes a difference but my 69 Coupe has 2 torsion bars for the trunk.

Huh, must be its the size/weight of the deck lid. My 69 Mach (fastback) has a pair of flat wound springs.


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