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Craig from New Zealand

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Here are a few that I am currently using...

Vic has decided to put Magaflow on his '70. Straight through design stainless construction but might be a little loud if your customer is wanting semi tame. (these will be cleaned up before going on the car cause they look horrible )


On my '70 I chose to have Spintech custom build me some of their chambered mufflers. I had them install one extra set of spin chambers in them since they are coming out the side of the car. Custom built with a price tag to match. All 304 Stainless.


On my DD 2017 Mustang I installed an AWE system. Another straight through design with additional resonators. Coyote motors have a flat head firing order and the muffler placement on these cars is obviously in the rear which makes these cars sound awful with chambered mufflers. The AWE mufflers are high end stainless 304 American made with 180 degree drone canceling technology, which does work quite nicely. I'd bet these mufflers mounted in the stock '69 position would have a nice deep tone, with a Windsor motor as well. 


Use to be a Flowmaster lover, but got sick of the drone...

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Mike, funny you mentioned the Flathead firing order.  This is actually very desirable. It avoids having 2 adjacent cylinders fire in sequence, which can cause heat build up and other issues.

The flathead firing order is 15486372.    

Late model Ford small blocks are 13726548.   This results in cylinders 6 and 5 firing sequentially, on the drivers side of the engine

Earlier Ford engines are 15426378.  This results in cylinders 7 and 8 firing sequentially, also on the drivers side of the engine.

The flathead firing order is more orderly with respect to exhaust gas scavenging, so it should actually sound pretty cool..... 

I guess you will have to crank it up so I can hear it.






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On 2/7/2019 at 6:34 PM, mustangstofear said:

Still having  problems finding a  12 inch body,  most  are 14 inches .

Have you tought about getting a packed muffler ( not chambered) and shortening it? A little work to cut, modify and weld.

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