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Meet QUEENIE.... 69 Gulfstream Aqua Build

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Machspeed, nice work. You got lucky with the rear leaf spring front mount bolts the ones on my 69 Coupe were rusted to the bushing & I had to use a large cut off wheel on my angle grinder to cut them out. My old front windshield had so much sealer around it I broke it several times getting it out. It seems to be a pattern with a lot of these cars being off the road for many years, my Coupe has been off the road since 10/94. 


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By the rear shackle mount you will see two holes ,that is where the factory tie down brackets were ,this is a good solid area ,it has anti crush plates inside ,i use this area plus the bumper mount holes below the tail panel for the mounting .

The air assist jack is the one i used for my bender ,you may have to order it . I asked for one at my local hatbor freight and now they keep them in stock. I actually bought two jacks ,one for my bender and one for another type bender i want to build





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I have two places on the rotating head to pin it from spinning ,i found pinning was better than a bolt because the bolt will wear into the tube ,the front hole i have pinned now is horizontal and verticle ,the hole not pinned in the rear is in different 45*degree angles . This makes less holes in one area of the rotating tubing and less chance it could break



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