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69/70 parts for sale

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Below is a list of pretty much everything I have left, need to clean out my garage!


All prices plus shipping and OBO!


69 Parts

(2) Gas pedal assemblys, restored, w/spring $35 each
Glue-in fastback door glass $50 each
Rear window $100
(2) 69 lower dash assemblys $50 each
(2) sets trunk hinges $30 pair
(1) sets taillights, both restored, excellent shape but missing one chrome lens ring $50 pair
(4) Quarter window glass $30 each
Inner Front bumper brackets, blasted, painted, excellent $40 pair-SOLD
9†drum to drum rear w/3.25 trac loc (missing drums) $500
Speed Control Module $60
(2) 69 steering columns $25 each
(2) Wiper motors w/wiper arm assy $40
Rear tie down plates, blasted, painted, excellent $40
Brake Distribution block $50
C4 transmission mount, blasted, painted, excellent $40
FMX/C6 transmission mount blasted, painted, excellent $50
Front sway bar w/hardware, new aftermarket, $50
Rear sway bar w/hardware, new aftermarket $50
Fastback drip rail moldings $50 each
Hood hinges, $60/pair
Complete heater box w/new heater core, completely restored, excellent $200
Rear bumper brackets, blasted, painted, excellent $30 pair
(2) sets front windshield mouldings $80 set
(2) rear metal package trays (non folddown) $50 each
trunk latch  w/mounting hardware $20

Qtr panel side scoops $50/pair-SOLD

Hood latch $25

Shocktower braces $30/pair

(2) Under engine frame crossmembers w/mounting bolts $35

Shocktower caps w/mounting hardware, blasted, painted $30/pair

(3) Power steering cylinder cast frame mount, blasted , painted $25 each

Glove box and door $25

Motor mounts frame side, blasted, painted $35/pair

Door strikers w/mounting hardware and shims $20/pair

Rear shock mounting plates, blasted , painted, $30/pair

Misc. underdash brackets $20/all

Non-power auto brake pedal assembly, restored, nice $50

Power auto disc brake pedal assembly, restored, nice $100

Pedal supports $25 each

Power disc brake pedal $60

Auto shifter bezel $15

Dash trim pieces, $5 each

Fan spacers, aluminum, excellent 2 ¼ and 2 ½ long $15 each


65 parts

Fastback side louvers complete $150-SOLD

Arm rest bases, new, green $10

Green fastback complete carpet set, new $100

Door panels, green, new $30

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I was mistaken, the front is an original w/all new bushings and includes mounting hardware 7/8". I have 2 new rear aftermarket 3/4" w/no hardware (I know I have the hardware, can't find it at the moment). If you are interested, make me an offer. I have some pics on my phone I can email/text.

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I am interested in the rear if you can find the hardware. I have my original front which is the same as the one you have so I don't need it. I tried to send you a pm but it says you cant receive them for some reason. 

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I have a pair that need sanding and paint. I will part with them for short cash. PM for photos

It's not too cool to offer your parts on another's thread. A private message would be less offensive. But seeing how this thread is from March and skidmarky hasn't replied in ten days...

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sorry guys, don't get on here often...


Mike65 - hood hinges I believe are gone, but I may have one, will look tonight.


craigm - I think I have one wiper motor w/arms - will look tonight.


NordicDawn - Thought I had a few pics on my computer here at work, can't find them, will get some tonight. Cleaned out my PM, PM me an email address for pics.


Boss429Dreamer - Still have the 9", not sure if its 28 or 31 spline, would have to pull an axle. It's buried, but will try.

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sorry guys, don't get on here often...


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