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1969 Coupe Project

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Here's the vin decoded .

<table align="center" border="3" width="560" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><th colspan="3" align="center">Warranty Number: 9T01H209046


</th></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Year: </th><td align="left" width="70"> 9 </td><td align="left" width="400"> 1969

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Plant: </th><td align="left" width="70"> T </td><td align="left" width="400"> Metuchen, NJ

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Body Series:</th><td align="left" width="70"> 01</td><td align="left" width="400"> 2 Door Hardtop

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Engine: </th><td align="left" width="70"> H</td><td align="left" width="400"> 351 2v V8

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Unit: </th><td align="left" width="70"> 209046 </td><td align="left" width="400"> 209046

</td></tr> </tbody></table>


<table align="center" border="3" width="560" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><th colspan="3" align="center"> Miscellaneous Vehicle Data


</th></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Body: </th><td align="left" width="70"> 65B </td><td align="left" width="400"> 2 Door Hardtop, Luxury Interior

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Color: </th><td align="left" width="70"> 2 </td><td align="left" width="400"> New Lime

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Trim: </th><td align="left" width="70"> 5AA </td><td align="left" width="400"> Black Vinyl with Black Knitted Vinyl, Luxury Interior

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Date: </th><td align="left" width="70"> 09F </td><td align="left" width="400"> June 09, 1969

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">D.S.O: </th><td align="left" width="70"> 11 </td><td align="left" width="400"> Boston

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Axle: </th><td align="left" width="70"> R </td><td align="left" width="400"> 3.25:1, Traction-Loc

</td></tr> <tr><th align="right" width="90">Trans: </th><td align="left" width="70"> X </td><td align="left" width="400"> FMX Automatic </td></tr></tbody></table>

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Tore it down today . Going to replace passenger rear quarter panel . fix the floors [not done right by PO ] Have motor and trans already 351 W [400 hp ]C4 trans 300 miles on motor & trans got a deal on it $1,800.00 .Built by the same guy who built my 472 in my pro street car .His son wanted to go faster so he building him a motor and I just stopped by to see about building me one and offered this to me . Has carb / shifter / trans cooler .ready to go .Be on the road early spring . Cruising season starts first week in May

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Looks like a nice motor! :001_tongue:



The shell is pretty much the same my car looked when I got it! Good luck!



Someone should move this thread to the build progress section. Update it frequently!

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