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LOTS of 69-70 mustang parts for sale

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Trying to clean out the garage and get rid of the spare parts I have been holding onto. I can post pictures of anything anyone is interested in. Most parts are originals but there are a few new parts also.



1. 69-70 Factory shock tower braces (pair) from cowling to shock tower for v8 car orig.




3. 64-73 Set of automatic shifter shields, the blue and black plastic parts inside under the pointer, these are not orig but are not made aftermarket by any distributor


4. 1967 wheel center cap, original red with running horse, good for driver


5. New 68-69 rear axle brake line kit. This is stainless steel and is made by classic tubing. It is for a 9" 28 spline axle it can be used for a 8" also.


6. 69-70 inner and outer door handles, originals, outers have scratches, inners have some pitting


7. 69-70 mustang manual steering gearbox, functions but does have play in the steering wheel, may just need to have the adjustment tightened, changing over to a different setup so I do not need it




9. 65-73 mustang original drive shaft




11. 69-70 mustang original standard hood


12. 69 mustang passenger side original glue in door glass. This is for a coupe / convertible and is the hard to find factory green tinted glass and is not chipped or broken. This does not include the stainless trim that goes on the back edge.


13. 1969 mustang original front valance. This is in good condition with no major damage but does have quite a few small dents in the middle that will be behind the license plate or could be worked out. Has been stripped and primed.


14. 69-70 mustang automatic transmission shift selector indicator shield, this is the black plastic rounded piece that the shift pointer slides over.


15. SOLD


16. Complete set of original 69-70 emergency/parking brake cables. They are in working condition but have surface rust on the outer housings. The inner cable is not rusty and works slides fine. The rubber insulator sleeves are cracked and will need to be replaced.


17. 69 coupe/convertible mustang original glue in clear passenger door glass- has damage at the bottom where an idiot tried to clean the glue off with a wire wheel but it is below the door line and should not be visible when installed. It also has a small sliver missing along the back edge but will be covered by the vertical trim when it is put on and not seen. Other than that it is in good condition with only minor surface scratches. Vertical trim NOT included


18. 69 coupe/convertible mustang original glue in clear drivers side rear quarter window. May have a few minor scratches but other than that good glass.


19. 69 coupe/convertible mustang original glue in clear passenger side quarter window. May have a few minor scratches but other than that good glass.


20. SOLD


21. 69-70 mustang original dash pad. This pad is in good condition and is complete. It did have one crack at the edge of the speaker hole and a crack on the passenger side edge but both have been repaired and look decent.


22. 65-70 mustang original power steering slave cylinder. It has been rebuilt with And is ready to install. This is an original BENDIX parts with correct stamping not cheap reproductions.


23. 67-70 mustang original power steering control valve. It has been gone through and rebuilt with all new components. This is an original BENDIX part with correct stamping not a cheap reproduction.


24. 67-70 mustang original power steering pump. Comes complete with pulley and rebuild kit. I have 2 of these available.


25. SOLD


26. SOLD


27. SOLD


28. 67-70 mustang original power steering pump adjuster bracket. This part has been cleaned and refinished in a satin black finish.


29. SOLD


30. 67-69 mustang original non greasable tie rods. These are in good condition with no internal rust and they function as they should with no slop. I have both inner and outer tie rods available.


31. 69-70 mustang original power steering pump index hose bracket for a 302 or 351w. This is the bracket that attaches to the back of the power steering pump and helps support the hoses.


32. 69-70 mustang original engine crossmember. This part is in nice condition and has been refinished in a gloss black finish.


33. 69 mustang NEW tail light bezel trim rings. This is the trim that goes along the outer edge of the raised portion of the tail lights. These are new and unused. This is for a complete set of 6 which is enough to do both right and left lights.


34. 69 mustang original rim blow steering wheel. It is a complete wheel with the center pad and trim, center emblem and a NEW rim blow switch. It has had all the cracks repaired and has been primed.


35. 69 mustang original standard interior steering wheel. This wheel has been restored and has a black finish. It is a complete wheel with the center pad and the horn ring.


36. 71-73 mustang original sport mirror seals.


37. 69 mustang original chrome remote mirror seal.


38. SOLD


39. SOLD


40. 69-70 mustang original disc brake caliper stabilizer bracket.


41. 69-70 mustang non ac, heater blower switch resistor.


42. 69-70 mustang original AC heater core foam insulator end caps sill nice and soft. Has correct c9z part # molded into it.


43. SOLD


44. SOLD


45. 70 mustang dash lighter bezel original


46. 69-70 mustang original wiper washer bezel with hard to find wiper switch spacer


47. SOLD


48. 69-70 mustang center console rear ash tray insert original.


49. 70 mustang seat belt shoulder harness anchor bolt covers NEW.


50. SOLD


51. SOLD


52. 65-73 mustang wiper washer pump, originals but missing propellers working condition


53. 69-70 mustang original hood hinge springs par. They have surface rust but will clean up nice.


54. SOLD


55. 69-72 window crank original


56. SOLD


57. ford 9" 28 spline axles matching pair


58. SOLD


59. 68-70 mustang seat hinge covers. Several available.


60. 69-70 mustang sport roof / mach 1 pass side quarter window glass channel with pivot and mounting hardware. Has some pitting on the chrome but is usable.


61. SOLD


62. 69-70 mustang sport roof / mach 1 original quarter window handle strikers. They have some window adhesive on them and have a few minor scratches but should clean up nice.


63. 69-70 mustang bucket seat original fold down release levers.


64. 69-70 mustang original clutch pivot frame bracket.

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