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It is Time

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Ok... I'm finally in a better place.. more or less..

I've never really repaired any serious rust issues before... I inherited my son's old XJ Cherokee for a daily driver... I really didn't know it was in such bad shape or I would have got him out of it sooner..  But here's a before and after shot.. so I'm not afraid of doing this to the Mach now if it really needs it... it's not hard.. just takes a long time..

I will be retiring in hopefully 3 years and would like the Mach to be a solid driver at that point.. so that means it would have to lose the "survivor" status... Want to do things like maybe the Power Tour.. don't want to do racing...  I don't want to be afraid to drive it in the rain (only if caught out in it)..  I don't really know what kind of shape the floor pan is in, but repair panels are dirt cheap from what I've seen so far.. and there is body panel rust that needs to be done.. bottoms of both quarters, rear wheel arches, door skin, etc..

Freshen up the Windsor. Ever since I was 17, I wanted a stick in this car.. so maybe get rid of the FMX..

I've always wanted a blue one..  but that might be going too far..

Not 100% sure.. just pricing stuff at this point.. where do most folks score interior items?

I welcome any thoughts.. even if its to tell me I'm nuts :)



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People get organ transplants and hip joint replacements all the time to be able to keep on living a healthy life. Keeping it original is only special as long as you are able to keep it on the road in a fun and safe way. Even if you freshen it up and replace some parts it's still the same car. I'd say go for it and make it the car you always wanted! You only live once! :)

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