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1969 GT Sportsroof

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If you have a policy with your insurance company with an agreed upon value

of $45,000 then why can't you just go through YOUR insurance company?

They will certainly not total your car with damages of only $19,000, and then

YOUR insurance should go back against USAA to collect their damages from them.


The biggest problems that I see (according to the CoPart listing) is that they

have undervalued your car WAY below your agreed upon value with YOUR

insurance company. Also, at least up here in Michigan, a vehicle must have

damages equal to 80% of it's value to be considered totaled.


Working at a body shop, I have seen one vehicle where damages were only

about 68% of it's value, but it was a brand new $50,000 car and it's structural

integrity was severely compromised and the owner specifically wanted it totaled

because he said he could never feel safe in it again and didn't want anyone

else to drive it and get hurt.

This car was hit so hard on the right side (t-boned) that the roof had pushed

the uni-side on the left side out about 4 inches.

The right side A and B pillars were pushed in over 1 foot as well as the rocker

panel and floor panels The roof was in need of replacement and the left B pillar

also needed replacement....  


I would NEVER, EVER consider your Mustang a total considering it's EXCELLENT



Please talk with YOUR insurance company!!!


Best of Luck,


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Looking at that listing makes me wonder if someone at USAA

'Personally" wants that car, so they placed it up for auction with

CoPart and then bid $21,000 on it themselves....


Something really smells rotten with this insurance company...

They even state that it's location for inspection is at a specific

location at CoPart's Alabama lot...   It's still at your home, correct?

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my sisters 68 Camaro was hit worse than that ,square in the rear .It pushed the quarters in about 1 foot .the insurance company paid off and she bought it back. She then put it up for sale . A guy that owned a body shop bought it and put it on his frame puller and pulled the quarters back .i could not believe it ,the wrinkles almost came out of the quarters and only needed a bit of body work .As far as i know this guy still drives it .

I have a feeling this is what is going on with your car because it is much less damaged than my sisters car .Some one is looking for a fast buck.

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I wouldn't let anyone take the car till its settled, keep it locked behind closed doors. They might try to hook it and deliver to winning bidder with bill of sale.

See slide in listing




edit: thought about contacting copart and ask about the listing.

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I have dealt with USAA where I work. They were the most difficult insurance company to deal with. Their insured hit a large light pole, sheared the concrete base off flush with the ground, light pole landed on top of car, they rolled the pole off the car and left the scene. Police found car at local motel. The light was less than a year old, took forever for them to return calls, ended up fixing with our own funds. When they finally contacted me they wanted to reimburse us at half at what the repair cost. The repair was done by a contractor, I has no say on what they charged. The finally paid after six months. The local states attorney had to get it resolved. I would contemplate hiring an attorney.

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That was the second week they had your vehicle listed for auction, with the first mistakenly listing the doc type as FL Salvage title. That auction ended on April 10th,  they then relisted with the screen shot describing France title and FL bill of sale only.  Seems to me if all they were looking for was a value the first listing would have given them everything they need.  The key is that you have not signed the car over to USAA at this point so therefore they can go thru with the sale. 


Often times insurance compaines will run a check with copart for the auction value and use that number as a deduct for someone who wishes to keep their vehicle, this works well for 2012 maximas which are on copart by the 1,000s..... not so much for classics.  So, in order for them to get a ball park salvage value for a '69 Fastback GT they needed to take bids.  That high bid should be the amount they deduct from actual value, cut you a check and you keep the vehicle, but i certainly feel like they should have done a much better job of keeping you in the loop throughout this process..... seems fishy.


I stumbled upon this forum simply by googling the vin described in the copart auction, second hit that came up.  The guys that bid on copart certainly know how to use google as well, and whoever bid that 21,600 number certainly read this thread and knew of the cars immaculate restoration.  


I search copart along with other sites with the dream of one day posting my own restoration thread, so when i saw where this was headed i felt like i had to stand up and say something.  Sorry if i hijacked the thread and hello sneaky insurance company if you are listening.... do the man right.

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They originally offered a $14,000 cut off the total cash value. Which meant they would have written a $22,000 check if I kept the car.

They called me back couple days later to tell me that they had "reviewed" the case and that now, the cut was $22,000 if I kept the vehicle. At which point I started to talk to a lawyer. The auction is exactely what triggered this.

Additionally, if the value is $36k, and they estimated the repairs at $19k something, how comes they call it a total loss?


I will have owned this car for 20 years this coming December. I have driven that thing over 100,000 miles. It made it through a divorce. I had to keep it as my daily driver and only car for several years to make that happen, but it worked out. Now I have restored it. A guy rear ended me because he was dicking around in his truck instead of looking at the road and broke my heart. Like if it was not enough, his insurance company is now trying to abuse me.


Guess what? Car is mine. Car is in my garage. And Car is getting repaired. Period.


Thanks GrayHawk, I appreciate you chiming in on that one. That has already helped me a great deal. I hope you find your dream car too! Those Mustangs are the best cars ever!! ;-)



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I certainly am glad i was able to help out even a minute bit in your troubling time.


Father and I had a 65 fastback that we were in the middle of welding floor pans in when Katrina hit flipped her over and put 6' saltwater over the hood for 2 weeks. We know what it felt like to have even a project car taken away from us so I can't imagine what your are feeling after all the blood, sweet, and Benjamin's that went into your '69.


I wish you the best of luck and any additional info I find that might help you I certainly will share.

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That's good to hear G! Hey, vent away, it's your thread! A crash with a regular car sucks, having a classic makes it unbearable sometimes. If you haven't settled completely on your damages, you should be be paid for loss of use of the car, but your lawyer should know this. 


Thanks for including the history of your car. And folks snicker at sentimental value.

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Some updates here folks.


I had the car re-appraised. It came at a nice $45,000. That's exactly the agreed value I have with my own insurance company, even tough I did not mention it to this new appraiser. They sent this to USAA who are working on it. I have been quoted around $27,000 for repairs, to include paint, so I don't see how they can total it. We'll see as we are now moving into the next phase here.


On the side, I have started the repairs. Car spent a full week on the frame rack and came back real nice. I actually drove there and back. With the exhaust pipes and rear interior trim and seat out, that thing roars like a beast! So, the frame rails are now straight and good. It actually even surprised the guy who pulled it. 45 years he's been doing this, and he says he never saw a car coming back this well. The door gaps came back as nice as they were before the crash. A little bit of good news in the midst of this mess doesn't hurt, I guess.


Anyways, after removing the rear end (zero damage here, to include leaf springs, Koni Classics, fuel and brake lines, fuel tank, Flowmaster exhaust pipes and tips), we are now cutting and grinding. Parts are on their way. Should get them by Tuesday or Wednesday and then we start welding. It is so easy to pull apart a freshly restored car. At least from a mechanical stand point. Psychologically, it's a different story...


Driver's side was hit the most. There, we'll replace the rear portion of the frame rail (about 10'), then the LH side of the trunk floor, then the lower rear portion of the Qpanel.


Then on to the passenger side, with a minor repair to the frame rail, replacement of a portion of the trunk floor, and we won't need to touch the Qpanel. Had a PDR guy come in yesterday and play around with it for a couple hours. Those guys are magicians!


We'll finish with the trunk floor cross member, the tail light panel and have already started on the valance.

















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The rear valance and bumper are dead. I kept my original valance, which didn't come with the dual exhaust openings (original exhaust under the valance). Well, with the smashed valance acting as an "organ donor", we were able to work on the original one for a very nice result. More original metal back on the car!


I was able to save the bumper brakets and with a little bit of love, they came back very nice. Sand blasting is next.


Finally, scored a very nice original LH side Qpanel extension. The RH side one is intact and will go back on the car.
















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