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'70 Grabber Orange Mach 1 Resto

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Got the TKO 600 back from American Powertrain, after UPS LOST IT!! They finally found it and I've gotten it hooked up to the motor. Apparently the 302 T5/TKO spacer place doesn't work on the 351C so I had to order a flat one.






And some parts are getting color! Paint cost was a total sticker shock, PPG. Over $2k wholesale...




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Got the car back on wheels this morning. Rebuilt front suspension (mostly from Mustangs Unlimited) and Bilstein front shocks. Mid-eye 5 leaf rear springs in the rear. I mounted a set of original 14x7 steel wheels and factory simulated mag wheels covers, a near NOS set. You don't see them often - I think they look great. May eventually go with 15" Magnums but I like that these are different. 









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Worked on the car some more today. Not only does it roll but now it steers! Installed the tilt column and wheel I rebuilt. Also the tie rods from the CJ Pony kit and the rebuilt box from Chockostang. The hardest part so far has been finding the right bolts! I bought two bolt kits but they aren't really very complete. Tomorrow we should have the doors hung and it will really look like a car!







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Headliner done, front and rear glass set in. Used urethane in the front and the stock repo gasket in the rear. The gasket is too thick and I'll have to trim it in order to put the trim on.




Also, dropped the 351c into its rightful place. We tried to install it complete with the TKO, but there was no way the trans was going to fit in there with the Pro 5.0 shifter attached, so it will have to go in separate. 



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