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Power steering pump questions

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Bear with me here...I have some pics attached that may help with my questions.


I pulled apart my pump that was working fine, but leaking quite a bit. Too much grime to tell for sure where it was leaking, but I suspect from the opening in the reservoir where the high pressure hose connects, and from the lower front of the reservoir, probably due to the reservoir main gasket failing.


When I removed the reservoir, I see what appears to be a very thin gasket at the back (inside), where the high pressure end of the pump exits the reservoir. See photo of the remnants of this "gasket". I also included a photo of a gasket that came with a remanufactured power steering pump - is this similar to what should be used?


It also appears that the metal around that opening is slightly distorted inward. It was easy enough to hammer it back to flat.


Is there supposed to be a gasket where I am describing? Would it come with a rebuild kit (or a pump gasket kit, if that's all I need)? How thick is that gasket? Could someone have put an incorrect gasket, and could that have caused the metal to distort as the reservoir retaining nut was tightened?


As far as the large o-ring that seals the pump to the reservoir - it LOOKS fine. Do they typically fail this way? Just start leaking, even though it still appears flexible with no apparent breaks or flat spots?


Are there any tricks/tips when re-assembling the reservoir to the pump? (anything stupid that people do, until they learn the right way...)


Lastly, any good sources for a gasket kit for these pumps?


Thanks for the help.



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