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Suspension & Steering questions

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I've got my engine parts on order to get the motor running. Next project is suspension and steering upgrades/replacement.


1. I'm want to replace it all with stock style suspension with upgrades like adjustable strut rods and roller spring perches. I also want to do the UCA drop and install an export brace.

2. For the steering I have stock power steering with new valve, power ram and rebuilt pump from Chocko and and want to do new tie rod ends and roller idler arm.


I've been looking at ORP, Daze and Street or Track.

It gets a little confusing because ordering kits from one site or another include different parts. Also, I don't readily see things like the sway bar bushings or rubber bump stops. Should I just replace the sway bar?


Does anyone have a good list of the parts I need to check off on this job? This is the first time doing this for me and I'd hate to get sidelined half-way through a weekend of work because of something that I forgot to order.


When I get to this it should be the last thing before I can drive my car again.









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I had my steering stuff rebuilt by Chocko, did the UCA drop and I am installing an export brace. So we have similar builds.


I went with John, opentracker@sbcglobal.net, at OpenTracker. We talked on the phone and exchanged several E-mails discussing how the car will be driven and what kind of motor/trans was going in it. He had several suggestions and came up with a "list" - I used his list to compare prices and on somethings (rear springs, front coils, 1 1/8" sway bar) I was able to find cheaper but same quality as the stuff he suggested. He looked at the 'cheaper' items and said they would work fine - in most cases the prices were similar but free shipping saved a bunch of $$. I got UCA, roller perches, poly insulators, and rear shocks from him. I would recommend shooting him an E-mail and discussing your build.

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For the adjustable strut rods, you might want to check out Rosehill Performance. Their rods are only $250 + shipping. That is where I plan to buy mine. I will most likely get the roller perches from them as well ($176).


With the tie-rods, you might want to consider replacing the whole rod (inner, outer and sleeve). I priced them locally and it's about $120 for all of it.


As for the sway bar, what size do you have now? If you get a whole suspension kit (with new control arms, springs, etc), they usually include new sway bars. Getting at least new bushings is a good idea. Here is a link to Mustangs Unlimited sway bar bushing search results.


Hope that helps.


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