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Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

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Looking great, and I love the Gulfstream Aqua color.  Also, I completely agree with you on the incandescent bulbs.  I think if a person switched every bulb to an LED it would be less noticeable, but I think the warm-look of the incandescent bulbs are more fitting for these cars.

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4 hours ago, stangnet33 said:

 Incandescent bulbs for sure, I've always liked the way they light the gauges. Great work so far ! I see you went with no carpet inserts on passenger side. 

I never liked the red inserts or the red stripe on the seats...here are a few shots of the car the day I bought it.

My Mach 1 006.jpg

My Mach 1 035.jpg

My Mach 1 030.jpg

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11 hours ago, MAC390 said:

How much was missing and how rusty.

Different car now.You have done a great job on the car.

I had to replace the floor pan,  drivers torque box and rear frame rails. I added global west sub frame connectors to strengthen the chassis. I replaced the doors and installed 1970 bolt in glass. All of the interior was replaced with either new or used parts, what is in the pictures is what I received the day I bought her.

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