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What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

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1 hour ago, SM69Mach said:

That was the same issues I was having with the NC summer heat.  Would eventually vapor lock on me.  Would have to wait for everything to cool down, then would run again.  I upgraded to an Aeromotive In-Tank set up over the winter and so far running good.  Haven't tested it it super hot weather yet, but so far done good in the 80's.  

did you fuel inject your car? feel free to DM me with the setup you got. would like to look at other options. 

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Yesterday I finished painting the frame rails, removed the old beat rear valence, and painted my brackets for the front and rear sway bars. Today I'm going to reinstall them, add a few missing grease fittings to the fresh suspension components, and work on pulling the column, brake booster, and pedal assembly to add new components and prepare for a 5 speed swap. Let's see how far I get after I finish this coffee!

....well, since I'm still the most recent post at the moment - I did it! 

Installed front and rear sway bars

installed grease fittings

pulled the column, brake booster/master cylinder, and pedal bracket

pulled all the steering linkage.

now to clean stuff up, get the cable clutch set up, and put 'er all back.... 


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After battling far to long with my power steering I took apart my NEW steering valve to find out how poor and cheap  they  can be made 

You should not have to beat the valves out with a hammer and punch..

A little sanding and filing all is better....It should not be this hard!!!!!!!!!! 

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Holley started acting up this morning.. didn't idle at high rpm during cold start, also when warm, when accelerating the car went nowhere fast kept acting like it wanted to die or not getting enough fuel.. scratching my head as my car was doing this last weekend. gonna check on my fuel filters and possibly break down the carb for a good cleaning. 

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Got my Fitech unit back after a six month stay in sunny California. (ECU toast)

After fixing the TPS sensor that hangs below the base and binds  up when you  tighten the unit down.

Just used a thick gasket and cut it out to clear.(the sensor only had one screw in it and it was half out)

The double lock washer set up on the throttle arm  lets it ride on the threads and not the flats of the shaft..  The arm

moved back and forth apx .250 each way......Did away with the inner lock washer.... All is good!

The air sensor in the primary throttle bore is snapped off.... Currently trying to find one... Tech was of little help..

The wiring was different at the plugs in a good way.

This is unit no.4 and so far it really works like I had hoped the last three would....Time will tell.

Should not be this hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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