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Crashed my Fastback - The rebuild thread

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As I mentioned on another tread, the AAW harness do not have the heater fan speed control harness in it, just the power supply for it. So I sourced that from my original Ford harness, first just to grab the connectors, but I found the wires so good and flexible that I decided to use them. After a little bit of cleaning, they looked mint!




Put the right connector with a locking tab on the backside on the power supply, and replaced the old yellow wire.





The interior harness is 99% done now. Have just a few loose ends, but routing is done. The orange and blue wires is way to long, but I think I will just loop them inside the harness. OEMs does that too sometimes. Next thing up is to wire up the firewall bulkhead connector. Then  do the front harness, before testing everything before I tape it all up.




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I'm a bit back and forth on the things I work on, depending on what parts I need. I'm missing a few connectors to get the harness done, but I did get my new crank hub (for the pulley) on friday. I had to get a shorter one, because the radiator and fans took up more real estate than the previous setup. So Now I got all the pulleys moved back about .625 I think it was. I used to run  a spacer inside the water pump pulley, so luckily, I had room to work with. The PS pump and Alternator was as easy as to remove spacers. on the bolts to the cylinder heads. All this mean that I could install the radiator. The clearance to the alternator pulley isn't much, but enough.



I should paint those screws and clips on the fan shroud black.


The Upper radiator hose was a bit tricky, as the radiator is a lot bigger than stock. '69 351W upper hose wouldn't fit. Not the 24" rad hose or the 20" rad hose. But The '70 351C upper hose did fit - after a bit of trimming. I took off almost 1-1/2 inch at the rad end. Then a 1/2 inch at the termostat housing end to get it to clear under the TCP export brace.




I also need to post this picture of my Holley 750 Ultra XP, just because! 


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Thanks guys. I've installed the battery cables into the car, with a connector thru the firewall. Pretty straightforward stuff, but I did have to remove the heater again to get to the corner where I decided to put the bulkhead connector. Figured I had to get that job done before I put the dash back in.




I also received my Fuelsafe 22 gallon Mustang fuel cell this week. It is a vital component in my view to keep these cars safe. Also all race track activity in Norway requires a rear firewall between the fuel tank and the passenger compartment. Which the Mustang don't have. Hence a FIA approved Fuel Cell. I want to use my car on the occasional track day.




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Well, it used to be Candyapple red. These are some photos I got from an PO. I have more, but there are people in them, so I don't know if I should post them. The current color is a SEAT color called Rojo Dehli Effect. SEAT is owned by Volkswagen.


This is the next to oldest picture I have of the car, Mt Home Air Force Base, Idaho, 1984.


Newly restored in 1989. Gresham Theater, Portland.




Mt. Tabor, Portland, 1993.


The day I bought it. 03.13 2004. It had a similar color to what I have now. I had it photograpehed at a paint shop years ago with a 100% match to a Mazda color. But I don't know what it was called. It was painted that color after 1999, but had been a metallic red from 1995.

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I'm a bit embarrassed that it's been 16 months since my last post. A lot have happened since then, but not so much with the Mustang. But there is some progress. In October last year I became a father for the second time, so now I got two boys that keeps me away from the garage. It's how it goes.

With the Mustang, I've been chipping away at the ole' block that is the wireing harness. It's just that when I'm away from it a while, I kinda gotta start from scratch the next time to get the overview. Anyway, here's some pictures.



Programmed the instrument panel contact




Placed the Autocoolguy fan controller behind the drivers headlight splash shield.






Mounted the fenders and headlight buckets to get the placement of them for the headlight wireing.




Also did the blackout on the part of the headlight buckets which is behind the grille. 

I've done some more minor stuff too, bet not everything is photographed. I hope to move forward at a steadier pace than what I have been.

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What the F... Progress??

First time powering up the AAW harness. Got head lights, tail lights, horn, heater fan, radio, interior lights and voltmeter working. Hazards only work with parking lights, so there is some gremlins yet. I have a lot of grounds to go over.  But it's huge for me to finally be able to power up stuff. It's been over a year since the last update, and I have been doing stuff, but I never did feel it was enough to make a post about. Still there is work to be done on the harness, but a big step was made today.




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