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I will be getting my car back from the Paint shop in th next week or so and will be filming the following videos and posting to You Tube with links in our How to section....So keep your eyes peeled.

Oh will be having a friend who owned a mustang restoration shop for over 15 years assisting me in the processes, so you will be seeing top notch work, and will get some of the secrets to doing it fast and Right.


1. Headliner Install

2. Front and Rear Glass install.

3. Bolt in glass install and Adjustment

4. Engine and 4R70W install with Cross member from board member and Computer control from Bauman's.

5. Install of American Auto Wire Complete harness "This may be in several segments"

5. Install of Classic Auto Air complete unit, along with install of Dash pad, guages, etc....


6. Will attempt to film as much as i can to help as many as possible.


Anyone have a GOOD camera they want to loan me for a month or so :-)

Please feel free to send it over, I will gladly pay shipping hehe


Also I do not have any editing capabilities. Would anyone be interested in taking hours and hours of filming and editing it ...sure there will be alot of cursing, throwing of tools and just good old car building fun to be taken out ....Think this would be a great oppertunity to provide some Very useful info to our members.


So Stay Tuned ......



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