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my 1969 mustang coupe

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I started this project last fall

Was a 200ci 6 with a 3 speed

now 6.0 built ls1 with a t56 6speed and ford 9.5in rear end

has a 12point cage, wilwood 13in drilled and slotted 4 piston brakes all around

lift kit from an f100 so about 1.5ft above stock, 20gal fuel cell, converted power steering, massive front and rear sway bars, torsion bars, adjustable everything, custom interior and dash, hid lights, huge oil cooler, and the dixie horn from dukes of hazzard




















just needs a bit of wiring done, then its off to the shop for exhaust and dyno tuning

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Finished wiring up my tail lights, look at that fine domestic ass




had to take the front of the engine off a bit to install an electric water pump coming soon, so here is a close look at my intake




alternator relocated




new starter came and the engine turns over finally, now to fill it with gas and plug in the ecu (msd starter exploded, literally, I have like 7 pieces)




found yet another place to mount fog lights (its like the neon of muscle cars)




and just a little bottle of death wish to install




and I made a 66 passenger seat into my desk chair

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installed the flip open gas cap




still working on the connection to the fuel cell, marine fuel hose didn't work




aluminum electric water pump, cool feature being the outside is an idler pulley so no belt issues






rear fog lights, you know in case I back up in fog




put in the nos and extra fuel solenoids






mounted my tank



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love the car man! we have done several ls swaps at work, and never had a complaint about that engine.. anyway. what size wheels are you running out back? guessing 18x10 +20 something offset? and do you have any pics of how the rear wheels fit on the ground?

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rear is 20 x 10.5 but meant for an 08 so had to use 2in bolt on spacers

and the jack stands are on the 9in so that is how they sit on the ground

the f100 suspension gave me one hell of a lift




here is an old pic from before the swap, but after the new suspension and brakes




gonna get these soon as I get to driving it a lot



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gothca. im trying to figure how the wheels i have planned will fit in relation to the quarters on a coupe.. i dont know if its just my eyes but they seem to have a less aggressive flare than the fastback. i did the math on them and i know how they would look on a fastback, so im just going off that. but im going 18s

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yeah those black ones are 18s

I think fastbacks have more flare to make room for those scoops behind the doors

be my only guess


Stance didn't really change after the swap since the ls1 is lighter than the old 200ci I pulled out

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at a shop in santee

went with the mustang 2 front end with a steering rack and no more shock towers

bunch of delays trying to get the right parts from the east coast

keep sending me the wrong brakes but the shop is doing the best they can

few more weeks then I can hit the road

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not sure, it came as part of the mustang 2 kit, but I wouldnt recomend the kit, it has cost me another 5k over the 2k purchase of the kit to get it installed. Nothing lined up right and all the metal was very cheap. Shop ended up remaking most of it from chromoly. And was sent the wrong brakes about 6 times, and even one machined off center spindle. Ended up having to go directly to wilwood to get the right brakes and spindles. So dodnt order from this guy http://www.fulltiltstreetrods.com/frontsusp.htm the shop still has some wrong brakes he is refusing to take back. these problems tacked on about 6 months of labor and waiting on brake parts

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