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1970 Grabber Green Project

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As I wasn't 100% satisfied with the way the holes lined up on the lenses, I had to do some alterations to the hammer form. The outer holes needed to slide to the outside by 1/8", so I epoxied some .125" steel onto the form and removed a little more on the opposite sides. That being taken care of I attempted to flatten and reshape my first part. It didn't fair too well, but gave me a good idea of how the form will function on the next part. I had to figure out how to get the upper and lower bends in the proper location, and made a tool to duplicate the lower bend's larger radius. The upper bend was as easy as sticking in my box and pan brake and bending it up. The larger radius was accomplished in the press with a little bit of creativity. Both bends turned out just right.


A little measuring, and some sharpie marks, I went ahead and trimmed the panel down to a pre-fit size and fitted it to the car.


I have been looking at my tail light buckets and I might see if I can get my hands on some '69 buckets as my original approach isn't going to work out like I had hoped. I have spent a bunch of time getting to this point, but still haven't modified anything on the car yet, or spent any money, so IF this doesn't pan out, I've just wasted a bunch of time. 

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