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rhs heads make some power

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I feel like a Napa auto parts store right now...but I'm slowly getting things bolted together and put on. I hope to be ready to roll by the end of Jun!



This will be my second time around at Watertown and it is a great place. Hopefully we can meet up at some point!

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Did you fix your problem? I am having the same issue with my heads too as they are threaded for 5/8" but everything else wants to use 7/16" to include my billet alt bracket and the alt itself. I am hesitant to drill out my new bracket and the alt to accept 5/8â€. I am going to drill out my P/S Borgeson bracket to accept 5/8" so I should have no issues on that end. I am thinking about putting in a threaded insert into the one head that will change the threads to 7/16". I am not sure if this will work though…Thoughts anyone?


I also ran into this problem with my RHS's. I made my own it wasn't to bad once I found the material i needed.

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On 5/9/2012 at 6:22 PM, cavboy78 said:



I had trouble finding some actual dyno results for engines using the RHS heads and just wanted to post up the results from my recent build. As you can see, the RHS 200 heads made some pretty damn good power. The dyno was on a superflow 901 and the numbers are corrected for sea level.

Ambient temp was 89 degrees. The dotted curve was the first pull. There were a couple pulls in between working on timing and with a 1" carb spacer (which yielded no add'l power). The second curves was the 4th and final pull. In case the image doesn't work, about 430/430 fwhp and pulled strong all the way to 6000.



351w (357w) F4TE roller block from a Ford Lightning

RHS 200 aluminum heads

Comp Cams XE274HR-12; specs on website



Holley 650dp w/ mechanical advance and manual choke

RPM Air-Gap Intake

hyper pistons

stock crank/rods

arp throughout

Moroso oil pan

MSD Ready to Run dist

1.6 rr's

~10.5 comp


By the way, the heads were purchased bare and built using comp hardware. Thanks for all the help on the forum guys!



Hey, I am looking for decent 351w engine rebuild specs and then I came across your post. Can I ask what the total cost was of your rebuild? I have about the same, 351w that will most likely be rebored to 0.040 over, who need new heads. so I most likely keep the block and crank and the rest new. But I struggle finding full rebuild specs from someone else their rebuild for inspiration. Thank you on advance

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