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Power steering pump swap

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OK, I was tired of a leaky power steering pump, (seemed to leak from every possible location) so I bought a remanufactured pump and installed.


I tightened the high pressure hose with a standard open ended wrench, bled the system, and it leaked like crazy.


I bought a new high pressure, hose, figuring that the compession fitting was just shot. New hose installed - leaked like crazy.


I started tightening the compression fitting - grabbed a longer wrench, and tightened about 1/16 of a turn, checked, tightenened another 1/16, etc.


Finally, leaking stopped. Is this normal? I feel like I had to tighten the $#it out of that compression fitting to stop it from leaking.


It's been 15+ years since I re-built the PS system (should have done the pump at that time....but it wasn't leaking then).


Anyone do this recently? Do the current replacement pressure hoses just need to be torqued hard?





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Well its a metal to metal contact, but its not steel to steel LOL

If i recall there is a brass insert or softer metal seat inside the pump where the hose screws in....just like if you were doing a power steering cyl, you always replace the seats...you take a screw and screw it in and pop the seats out, then install new brass ones...at least i think they are brass i dont really recall .....you may want to remove the hose and look inside of the pump and see what the hose is actually making contact with and if its got grooves in it....Alot of time the places remanning these things will remove the seats and new one wont get put in OR they will leave the old ones in and this means you are getting 30 plus year old seats that have already got a groove cut in them from the origional hoses going on and off. kinda like a hyd lifter....once its put on one cam lobe and broke in you just dont move it to another lobe...same can be said with seats but alot of time you get lucky and they work fine....dont sound like the case here tho.....hell if its not leaking i say go with it :)

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