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What's your other ride(s)?

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I didn't find a thread about this, so I thought I'd start one. I'm always interested to see what other kinds of cars/trucks/bikes/atvs/whatever folks also have fun with. Post 'em up!


I'll start... my other fun car is my modified '89 Merkur XR4TI. Actually, it's also my daily driver right now. A couple pics taken yesterday:





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my daily is a 2006 mustang. Started off as a v6. Then added a supercharger and then I sold the v6 and supercharger and put in a v8 drivetrain. And to make a long story short sometime during all this it evolved to what you see now with the saleen body kit and paint.





You can see the evolution from the day I purchased it to now in my album --> http://www.1969stang.com/gallery/album10?page=1

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'06 Dodge Daytona Charger R/T - My Daily Driver - Just clipped 167K miles. I do about 130 miles a day to and from work.




'02 Dodge Durango - Wife's Daily Driver

'07 Dodge Caliber - Daughter's Car

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I love the red Lightening that was posted.


I am the typical family guy;


2008 Toyota Van

2000 Honda Accord

2 cats

no dogs

lots of debt.....and no end in sight

Yeah... I'm right there with ya with our minivan and my semi-regular daily driver (when it's running right) Chitty Impale-me. See what I mean about soul-sucking. Fortunately, my wife at least let me put a set of 18s on the van. Pics:


'07 Odyssey:





And the gawdawful '02 Impala (in the background):



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Wow! Great Thread. Some Ripper cars here.


Here are the other cars from my stable


Rarely driven 68 mustang -




Sometimes daily BF Falcon




Sometimes daily Hyundai i30




When i want a powerful car, The Statesman 5.7litre Gen3 V8




But as of tomorrow - The 69 grande will be Registered. Intend to drive it whenever possible -





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