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My Mustangs Unlimited Experience

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Let me start by saying that i have ordered many parts from mustangs unlimited in the past and have been pretty pleased with their customer service, even tho i can tell their parts are not top notch.

So this is what happened recently....I purchased a set of hood hinges and springs from them back in May of 2010, as many of us do when they get a bit of money saved up....I save a few bucks then buy a load of parts to be used when the time comes." this may not be a good idea, but its what i do"

So I installed the hinges nad springs after i lube them up and work them a few times....We put the hood on the car and i get it fairly lined up and then i try to pull it down...there is an extreme amount of resistance, so i stop pulling for fear of creasing my NEW Dynacorn hood, so a friend and i go to the rear of the hood and push it down slowly, and after the midway point it goes on down...I assume the springs just need to be worked a few times.

Well we raise the hood and both of the hinges have collapsed Inward and are bent :angry:.....So the next day i call the Georgia branch of Mustangs Unlimited and explain to them what happened, and the fellow tells me he knows they have had some trouble with those in the past and he will send me another pair....I asked if they would like them back and he says no that they trust me B/C i have bought from them for a while....I even offer to take a video or pics to send to them...he just says no we will get you a new pair coming free of charge....at this point im thinking Wow these guys are great....So i wait a week and nothing shows up...it usually takes 3 days to get stuff....So i call to confirm the new parts are on the way, and this guy tells me no nothing has been sent and there are no notes on my account....then he asked who i spoke with...I couldnt remember the guys name so he said hold on let me go talk to the manager...when he returns he tells me there is nothing he can do, since i ordered them back in may....I explained to him that alot of people buy parts ahead of time when doing a restoration...He said I know how restorations go "Im thinking Great, then send me my damn parts"

He then procedes to tell me i can buy another pair and get 10% off, so i tell him why would i want to buy another pair of Shitty hinges, he then offers to let me speak to the manager, but im so mad at this point i just told him dont bother, he will give me the same bull shit answer.....I then proceded to tell him that i would not ever buy parts from them again, and he said ok sir no problem have a nice day......So i couldnt let it rest, so i called the other branch of the store in Indiana i think it is, and explained the story to this guy....he said i will give you 10% off and get the springs coming with free shipping, and he would also send a call tag for the old springs, and that i could send them back so he could personally look at them and then credit my account no matter what was wrong with them....So long story short, this guy basically got some more money out of me but promised to credit it back once they got teh springs...."Smooth operator here" His thought was that they probably sent the wrong hood springs which were too heavy and caused the hinges to fail......So even when i get my new parts nad get a credit, i will spend the credit, then never buy anything from them again.....This now offically makes the 4th time they have wither sent me the wrong stuff, or sent me Junk that had to be returned.......Guy if you can use NPD or Johns Mustangs or any of the other Suppliers please do you will be much happier than with mustangs unlimited...just my .02 cents


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