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Mallory Unilite & Timing Questions

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Merry Christmas from Texas!

I have a 1969 Mach1 with a 351C stroker & 4 Speed Toploader.

For ignition I have an older Mallory Unilite dizzy - mechanical advance with Mallory cylindrical coil and ballast resistor.

First off the car starts and runs good.

When I first start the car and let it warm up the timing is consistently at 17-19 BTDC (900 RPM). If I rev the car up to 2000 RMP it will eventually settle back to 900 RPM but the timing will now be around 23-24 BTDC, which doesn't seem correct to me. At 3000 RPM the total advance is 37.

I decided to have a look under the cap. I checked the Unlite module and Coil out (Multi-meter) using the instructions provided by Mallory and both tested OK. I also had a look at the advance springs and noticed that one spring has no tension to it (although it is still attached to its posts).

Also, the rotor does not 'snap back' when i twist it (clockwise or counter clockwise).

There is a small amount of play (either dirction) in the rotor.

I'm not sure if I have any issues here or not.

I would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions.



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