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The Bitch is Back!

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I've been using Dana Spicer U joints. Most of the yokes/driveshafts I had was of the 1310 variety, 1-1/16" cup diameter.  My aluminum driveshaft has the wider 3.62 (?) cups, so I used a combination U joint. My local O'Reilly's carries them and usually has what I need. 

Ya, I kinda lucked out finding that N case with the Daytona support. One thing I found out about it is the Daytona support is deeper than the standard support by about 1/2", which can affect drive line fit. I discovered this when I changed carriers for a gear change, and things weren't going together as they should. 

Another thing I found was the yokes come in various lengths, which will allow you to use the same driveshaft, which I did. 

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Oh, right.  I will need one of those 1350 to 1310 or 1330 to 1310 combination joints.   Yeah, I am running a C-6 and my yoke has plenty of slack   I have an original 2-piece driveshaft and I will be ditching that in favor of a new one.

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Welp, since I had nothing else to do I figured I might as well swap out the old small 13" 2001 Cobra front brakes and make some brackets to mount 14.2" rotors and 4 piston Brembo calipers. 

I used 1/2" MDF to get the pattern correct, then made the brackets out of 6061-T6. I used the steel spindle bracket from the Cobra calipers, and had to clock the caliper so the aluminum bracket isn't symmetrical. 



I've got good pedal feel so I believe I'll take it for a spin tomorrow. 

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