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The Bitch is Back!

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12 hours ago, Ash said:

What are you plans with the build?

Nothing set in stone...but a stroked 292 Y block with aluminum heads looks pretty sexy. 2-3" dropped front axle, reversed spring eyes. I do have a complete 460 and a 1969 351W handy. I drove by a local place that specializes in (and he's loaded with) 53-56 F100's and panels. He's got a couple of big window back panels that he was trying to get me to take.  We shall see. My first vehicle at 17 was a 56 big window which I still regret selling back in 1980. 

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6 minutes ago, latoracing said:

That is cool! I'd have to do something like this....

and leave the body all crunchy for a while. 

Of course you would Mike, I'd expect nothing less from you. I just came across that frame this week, it's pretty darn impressive. Guess I'll have to get two 56's, one stock and one custom as I have thought about a custom frame and suspension. I guess my crazy will never end.

Crunchy huh? Never heard that description, but I like it. Been thinking about that look also.

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Buy a one of the CHP Crown vics for the 4.6 and automatic ,you can pick them up for nothing ,or get a wrecked 05 or newer mustang like i did ,mine is a 07 ,i am going to stuff the whole thing in me 56 fairlane



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