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My Ugly Floorpan.

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Nice, thanks for the how to. Since you live next door in Idaho, what say you drop by and help me with mine. The second one is always easier, right? :)

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that rear bumper deserves an article all on it's own. I remember when magazines actually had useful articles on stuff like that. Now the mags are just repetitive advertising. Love the bumper and everything you are doing. 

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Looking good!  What's the color?  It seems somewhat similar to the color I have planned, but you mentioned that the camera changes it somewhat.  I'm planning on a dark grey graphite metallic (chrysler color).

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Gunmetal Gray. or close to it. I bought several mis-mixed dark gray colors of R-M Diamont grays and mixed them together. Comparing it to the Diamont color chart the closest match is Gunmetal Gray. The paint cost me $45.00. ( for 4.5 Gallons of Paint.) and I have 2 Gallons spray-able.


On this chart mine is closer to Pebble or Iron. Of course it depends on the lighting also.




Plus I painted this truck with it before mixing it all together. Too bad I had to sell the truck. That was when gas was approaching 5.00 a gallon and it got about 10 miles per gallon with a 40 mile per day commute.





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Still plugging away at it. Always just one more thing to fix...


The issue. When I rolled the fend lip I damaged the outside edge so it was very wavy and I was having issues getting the duraglass to fill in so I could clean it up.


The solution.


A 1" wide piece of thin plastic clamped to the lower edges. Pictures are not the best but they show the process.The plastic is taped so the filler will not stick to it.









After the plastic is removed. 









After the first blocking. Now I have a way to smooth it all out. And the curve of the fender is correct.










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Quick update. I hve been busy with everything but the stang the last few months. Here are some pics from the car show back in August.












I have been trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with the interior. Mainly the center console, door panels, and back seat.


I put together a few different designs and still have not come up with anything I am happy with. Please post up some custom interiors if you have them. Maybe I can get some different ideas.





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