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How to make a proper Chop Request

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Those of you requesting work will benefit by reading this, and it will also help the people (and by "people" I mean me mostly since no one else seems to chime in) doing the work have an easier time converting your car for you. If you want the best results follow these guidelines...


1. Post a high quality pic of your car. Crappy pics are actually harder to work with than high-res ones. If you don't have a way to get a good pic search the internet and find a car that looks like yours. Or just take pics of your car with a disposable camera and have the pics put on a picture CD at Wal-Mart. Kodak disposables will give you some very nice pics this way. The nicer the pic, the less noticable the Photoshop work will be. I can't tell you how often on many forums a request just gets ignored simply because the pic was too messed up to work with. Most artistic people take pride in what they do and want to show something that came out good just as much as you want to see something that came out good.


2. When requesting a wheel or part swap you can help by finding some pics of what you want installed. People who do chops are spending their free time doing you a favor. Be considerate and do the web surfing portion of the job yourself. Try to get pics of the parts that were shot from the same viewing angle that the pic of your car was taken from. Or take a pic of your car that matches the viewing angle of the wheels or part. Just try to imagine where the camera was when it shot the pic of the wheel. Multiple pics of the part will sometimes help. Many views and angles can be widely manipulted to work but again the better the starting pics the better the end result.


3. The same goes for color swaps. If you want your car to be Mineral Gray from the latemodel Mustang lineup, post a pic of a Mineral Gray car so the Photoshopper can match it up.


4. And PLEASE... check your links to your pics. After you make a post in the forum, click on the links to your pics and make sure they work.


If you follw these 4 steps I guarantee you that the results of the work done on your pics will be a LOT better and completed faster too.


Thanks for reading.



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