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My 1969 Convertible Restomod - progress thread

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didn't get a ton of time to work on the mustang last night, but was able to shoot the radiator black and powdercoat the fan brackets.  I hate how aluminum radiators look behind a classic grill, so I picked up some of this stuff from Eastwood:


Pretty easy to shoot.  3 light coats finished out the can and gave an even finish.  



doesn't exactly appear stock from under the hood


but blends right in from the front



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test fitting the rear wheels/tires.  I plan on rolling the fenders but they clear the fenderwell and leaf spring nicely.  



centers will be painted a lighter matte color to better approximate vintage torque thrusts.  

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Making great progress...look forward to seeing it come together.  My '70 Vert is nearing completion to the point of going to paint soon.  

I grew up in Bergenfield, not far from where you are, family still in Ridgefield Park and Waldwick.....

I rolled my fenders and have the same experience, but figure when I get the car fully loaded, it will probably drop a little... 


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