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Glidden vs Glidden Las Vegas Nov. 20th-23rd

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Wednesday, Nov 12th, 2008

Las Vegas, NV.

It's Official..... Gliddens' To Match Race Cobra Jet's In Vegas

PSCA & SCSN President Mel Roth announces today that Ford Racing icons Bob and Bill Glidden, will battle each other in a best 2 out of 3 grudge race at the Street Car Super Nationals IV November 20-23, 2008 at the Strip in Las Vegas . Both Glidden's will be in Limited Production Ford Racing "Cobra Jet" Mustangs and the gloves will be off between these two Ford Racing legends!!!

Roth states "We knew there was a chance with both Glidden's being here racing in the Accufab Outlaw 10.5 class that they might line up against each other during the weekend, but now there's a new twist as both father & son will be in equally matched hot rods and the best Glidden will prevail".

Jim D'Amore from JDM Engineering brought up the idea and Jesse Kershaw from Ford Motorsports made it happen with (2) 2008 Ford factory built race Mustangs we knew it would be a crowd pleaser. Bob and Bill will also be signing both cars as many other Ford Racing Legends will be doing in the weeks prior. Round 1 of the epic battle will take place on Saturday at high noon, with Rounds 2 & 3 (If necessary) taking place on Sunday with the times TBA.

For more info please check out http://www.streetcarsupernationals.com or call Mel at 661-917-3078


Bob and Bill will also be competing in the 10.5w Outlaw Class. Billy will be driving the SBF powered Pontiac GTO and Bob will be driving Kenny Perry's SBF powered Pontiac Grand Am.

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